6 Things to Do in Lunenburg, Massachusetts

Though Lunenburg is a mere town of only about 12,000 citizens, there are plenty of sites to see and activities to enjoy in the Northern Massachusetts enclave. When the weather is just right, there is plenty of nature to soak in and recreational affairs to get into. And when it inevitably turns freezing cold, Lunenburg is home to historical sites, antique shops, museums, theaters, and more to explore indoors. 

Explore miles of untouched nature at Lane Conservation Area and Town Forest, or look for wildlife at Cowdrey Nature Center

Unlike more populated areas, Lunenburg is special for its miles upon miles of countryside to explore. In fact, you can walk for miles and see very little signs of civilization, allowing you to experience isolated bliss away from the bustle of real life. There are nearly endless unmarked side trails you can explore at Lane Conservation Area and Town Forest, but the main hike is a 4.2 mile loop that brings you over the beautiful Mulpus Brook and around Hickory Hills Lake. Further, the Cowdrey Nature Center offers 300 acres of woods and wetlands that are full of wildlife, like beavers and muskrats, to explore.

Look back 300 years in Lunenburg’s Historic District

Incorporated in 1728, Lunenburg is a nearly 300-year-old town. Some of the infrastructures built two to three centuries ago have been preserved and are still around, and in use, today. A few of the town’s most significant buildings date back to before 1850, including the Methodist Church (1844), Congregational Church (1835), and the Greek Revival Town Hall (1841), while the Lunenburg Town Hall dates back 300 years. Further, the Stillman-Stone House dates back to 1730, while the Cushing House was built in 1724. Though a rural and often unknown town, Lunenburg has special historical value that is worth exploring.

See a family-friendly show at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater

Another significant part of Lunenburg’s history is the Drawbridge Puppet Theater, founded in 1991 as part of the now defunct Whalom Park. Though the amusement park closed in 2000 after a 107-year run, the theater remains and still puts on performances every weekend. The shows, complete with handmade puppets and props, are kid-friendly but prove entertaining for adults alike. This is the perfect spot to bring the whole family or simply channel your inner child. 

Pick fresh produce at Lanni Orchards

Open year-round, Lanni Orchards is the place to go for farm fresh produce to buy or pick yourself, as well as a great place to treat yourself to homemade bakery goods like donuts and cakes. Whether you’re just stopping buy for groceries or looking for a daytime activity, this family farm has been a town staple since 1963. While you’re grabbing groceries, the kids can channel their energy at the farm’s Playland, complete with a hay pyramid and other farm fun. In the warmer months, you can pick your own produce, including apples, strawberries, pumpkins, berries, and more. 

Discover historic items and art at Jeffrey’s Antique Co-Op Mall

When it’s too cold to explore the outdoors, head inside to Jeffrey’s Antique Co-Op Mall for a different kind of exploration. Situated in the historic town, the large building hosts around 150 vendors with a range of antiques, from furniture, home appliances, and decorations to fine art, vintage clothing, music, and much more. Even if you’ve been many times before, there are always new things to see at Jeffrey’s.

Elevate your day in Lunenberg at Bliss Dispensary

Whether you’re spending the day cozied up inside during cold months or soaking up as much nature as possible in warmer months, Bliss Cannabis Dispensary can help elevate any activity and day in Lunenburg. At Bliss, a family-owned and women-led dispensary, our mission is to empower you to reach an elevated state of living, driven by education, community engagement, and Massachusett’s best cannabis products. Stop by and join us on our path towards daily bliss.

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